The physicians

Ksenija Opincal
specialist in psychiatry, psychotherapist

Among eminent professionals graduated and completed studies of medicine and specialization in psychiatry on Medical school in Belgrade. Further education in different psychotherapeuthic approaches performed both in Belgrade and abroad. Well experienced in treating wide range of psychiatric disorders due to comprehensive clinical knowledge.

Dedicated to prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of the whole person aimed at healing and thorough rehabilitation and resocialisation. Involves and supports family members of the patient and works for a corrective changes in family system. Capable of working in English, Italian and French as well.

Prim. Dr. PMD
Jasna Daragan-Saveljic
specialist in neuropsychiatry

Prim. Dr. Jasna Daragan-Saveljic PMD. She has graduated from the Medical school in Belgrade and subsequently completed her specialization in neuropsychiatry.

She is the author of a significant number of clinical papers and publications in the field of addictology and participant to numerous symposiums in the field.

For the last 38 years she is the most successful and respectable expert in the field treatment of addictions.

President of the Serbian Association of Addictologists since it was founded.

Branka Gavrilović
Jelena Stankovic
clinical physician

Dr Jelena Stankovic MD has graduated from the Medical school in Belgrade. She is highly experienced in clinical work with the colleague recommendations as a talented and devoted physician.

The medical technicians

Lidija Balaban
a nurse
Maja Stojnev
a nurse
Petar Lovric
medical technician
Tomislav Cvetkovic
medical technician

The administration

Jelena Gobeljic
a business secretary
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