About the hospital

The name of the hospital Naltrex Zone was created with special intention to emphasize importance of alternative, advanced and more acceptable remedies (Naltrexone) instead of previously long-term inefficient practices of a Methadone use as a substitution therapy.

Naltrex Zone Hospital was founded in 2008 as part of a worldwide chain of namesake hospitals for the treatment of addiction disorders.
Our hospital's doctors initiated the establishment of the Serbian Association of Addictologists in 2010. At the same time, they are the members of the Association's Management Board.

In addition, we were the first in Serbia to introduce some of the newer treating methods, such as:
  • Buprenorphine (Suboxone) in treating opiate addiction
  • Extended-release depot naltrexone ("blocker") from one to six months, also applicable in opiate addiction, as well as in smoking, alcoholism, and pathological gambling.

Our hospital uses advanced medical and pharmacotherapeutic approaches which provide a chance even for those addicts who have tried everything and failed. We are especially proud of our sophisticated methods of transferring from methadone as a substitution therapy to a blocker pharmacotherapy or buprenorphine as substitution therapies with no side effects.

Our Mission
There is Scottish proverb that says - "What can be done at anytime is never done at all". We are here to help everyone who needs to get a race against time. For preventing of possible fatal consequences of some addictions there remains just minute to twelve to start with medical treatment and nobody can surely know how much will still last his/her minute. We try to be up to date with contemporary achievements in world addictology but for our mission and success we need your decision to change own life. Be sure that it will be most important decision that you ever made.
Our Vision
Our hospital exist for seven years. We were pioneers in implementation of new treatment methods in Serbia. All the time we cooperate with everyone who want to keep up with that what is proven good in world medicine. We helped to many patients they get well. Yet, for some of them help was being just that understand their illness and consequently to that make an own first step. Further guided by the desire for new knowledge in the field of addiction treatment and encouraged by the results already achieved, we would like be able to start and finish this text with sentence - We found a way to help every patient to get well.

Hospital Accommodation

The hospital is situated in a peaceful and safe part of Belgrade (Južni bulevar 166, Vračar). The security system includes cameras, 24-hour permanent security service, electronic and remote entry control.

The infrastructure consists of an outpatient department and an inpatient department. The outpatient department contains medical offices and group workspace, while the inpatient department has patient rooms, in which detoxification treatment is carried out.

Patient rooms are single-bed, two-bed, and four-bed rooms, all of them having the most advanced medical equipment. All the rooms are air-conditioned and in every room there is a TV set with cable networks.

In the hospital, there is also a spacious lounge with a kitchenette and a balcony, where smoking is allowed in accord with the regulations of the Serbian Ministry of Health.

The hospital's house rules are based on the principles of addiction therapy and treatment. A particular emphasis is on respecting privacy and not disturbing other patients or the professional team in the treatment process.

Special security measures have been taken to prevent psychoactive substances and alcohol from being brought into the hospital.

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